Integrated Logistics Support

KGI develops tailored logistics and supply chain solutions that align strategic objectives and sustain profitable growth. Our logistics experience covers the entire logistics lifecycle and includes all Integrated Product Support (IPS) elements both for the acquisition and sustainment communities. Our logistics capabilities include cost, schedule, performance tracking, configuration management, logistics data analysis, technical data management, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS), training, and maintenance planning.

Our consultants have a proven track record of improving logistics and supply chain capabilities by ensuring successful implementation, execution, and lasting alignment between strategy and design. Our services have been used in developing logistics systems used to procure parts and track provisioning and configuration during the construction, delivery, and sustainment of major acquisition programs. In addition, our team has supported integrated cost analyses, business case analyses, supply chain evaluations and process improvement, weapon system tracking and sustainment, parts list development, physical configuration audits, and failure and spares analyses.

Life Cycle Sustainment Management
  • Product Support Management – Planning and management of cost and performance across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Supply Support – Identification, resourcing, and tracking of configuration items, spares, and repair parts for the acquisition and sustainment communities.
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T) – Identification, planning, resourcing, packaging, and handling of all types of support items.
  • Maintenance Planning – Providing maintenance task analyses, level of repair analysis, reliability centered maintenance (RCM), and maintenance concept development.
Technical Management
  • Design Interface – Integration of systems engineering design characteristics including reliability, maintainability, supportability, human system integration, configuration management, and safety requirements.
  • Sustaining Engineering – Providing failure analyses, maintenance trend analysis, operational usage, obsolescence analyses, and implementing relative cost and risk support over a system’s lifecycle.
  • Technical Data – Support, develop, and implement overall process improvements for engineering data, technical manuals, technical standards, engineering drawings, and data item descriptions.
  • IT Systems Continuous Support – Support and develop technical interfaces, management of mission critical hardware/software systems, and coordinate test and certification activities.
Infrastructure Management
  • Facilities and Infrastructure – Management and support of real property assets and infrastructure including equipment storage, supply storage, and overall infrastructure improvements.
  • Manpower and Personnel – Development of manpower estimate reports and manpower analyses as well as coordination and tracking of military and civilian personnel acquisition needed to maintain and support systems for the duration of their lifecycles.
  • Support Equipment – Support the development and update of maintenance equipment lists, support equipment product support, maintenance concept integration, and equipment design.
  • Training Support – Review of operational, depot, and crew level maintenance training as well as new equipment training, computer-based training, curriculum development and review.
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